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The Base Plot

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The Base Plot

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:28 pm

Your Story Begins

Welcome to Inkwell, a small town in the northern USA. This seemingly plain little town sprung up overnight and is avoided by the state and the rest of the world. News casters don't come here and the townsfolk are notably suspicious of strangers. But then, you would be too if you had such a precious secret to keep.

Inkwell isn't the normal type of town when you begin to look deeper than the smiling faces of passersby. Every month there is a meeting at town hall, where the population gathers and watches a bizarre almost ritualistic injection of vaccines passed out to certain towns people. If you were to watch, no one would tell you what was really happening, but you could see a black liquid being fed into the bloodstream of willing and unwilling townspeople alike. If you grew up in Inkwell, you know very well what that injection is and you either dread the day you have to go for your own dosage, or you welcome it with open arms.

At age 21, each resident of Inkwell is presented with a list. The names on this list are familiar - Peter Pan, Little Bo Peep, Legolas, Marry Poppins; these are only a few that spatter the list that's kept locked away in town hall. You've read these characters, followed their lives, empathized with them at each turn of a page and you've mourned their absence when the story ends. But, the inhabitants of Inkwell aren't content to let these gems have only one life to live between pages of a book. When the day your adulthood begins, you are given a choice of who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. You are given a life separate from your own, one you never lived but you know everything about. Memories you never gathered, habits you never harbored, and thoughts so different from your own are suddenly given to you - to learn from or perhaps to use to your advantage.

So, who will you pick?


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