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Inkwell 101: What You Need to Know.

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Inkwell 101: What You Need to Know.

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:12 am

Inkwell 101: What You Need to Know.

  1. Inkwell is a decent sized town in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the northern United States. It's not in any particular state, and it doesn't have a latitude and longitude because that takes half of the mystique away from it.

  2. Getting in to Inkwell is something that is generally done by accident. People getting lost in the woods on the way to other cities will sometimes stumble upon the small town. That being said there is only one road in and one road out of the town.

  3. Once inside Inkwell, visitors will be faced with a normal town - RESIDENTS OF INKWELL ARE FORBIDDEN TO GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE UNUSUAL THINGS ABOUT THE TOWN. If a visitor DOES find out about the goings on, they will be forced to stay.

  4. Anyone who attempts to leave the town knowing the secret of the characters WILL be shot and killed - unless otherwise bought through plot points and having okayed said plot with the Administrative Staff first.

  5. Inkwell relies on a bartering system with a nearby larger city which provides them with groceries and the essentials for a mixture of factory made goods, lumber and harvested crops from the areas cleared in the wooded area.

  6. Due to it's reliance on trade with this separate town there are a good deal of "visitors" who live inside Inkwell from time to time. Those classed as visitors do not know of the characters which the townspeople posses.


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