Welcome to Happily Never After. Please be sure to direct any questions to the chat box where one of our staff will be able to help you. We are now open for applications - please read all of the vital information located in the index first. Also check our Face Claim and Muse Claim to make sure you're not doubling up on anyone. Most importantly have fun!
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Board Rules

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Board Rules

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:32 pm

General Rules
  1. READ THE RULES! They're here for a reason, and if you don't and it's obvious you don't, the Administrative Staff reserves the right to ban you from the board.

  2. You must be over 16 years of age to play on this board.

  3. This board is does not allow sexually explicit posts. All posts of an intimate/sexual nature MUST fade to black or time skip. Failure to do so or toeing the line WILL result in the thread being deleted and the players involved being banned. There is no negotiating this rule.

  4. Please be polite to the Administrative Staff. Yelling will not get points across any better than a simple explanation of any problems. Also please keep in mind that they have the right to remove you from play should you become a problem.

  5. No harassing of other players. This board is not here for personal disputes.

  6. Please place in the portion of your character's application that reads secret answer the corresponding letters for your character's birthday. Example: if your character was born on March tenth in 1962, their letters would be cjaifb OR cjsfb. Your application will not be accepted without this code.

  7. This is an intermediate level role playing site. As such we require that all posts be over 250 words minimum, unless otherwise stated. If you find yourself struggling to reach this minimum please talk to one of the Administrative Staff.

  8. Please place your information on all lists (Who Plays Who, Face Claim, ect.) Failure to do such will result in the deletion of your character. You will be only given one warning to fix this if the Staff finds this happening.

  9. No player may begin playing until he or she has been accepted.

Character Rules
  • Each character must have a separate account. Please format your username as your character's First and Last name. Ex: John Doe, Jane Doe.

  • Muses must be from any sort of traditional literature. This includes novels, short stories and plays. We will NOT accept characters from movies, tv series (unless there are accompanying books to either), web comics or people who have existed in the history of the world. We also reserve the right to deny the use of any character we feel may be too overpowered for the board - for example, God, Satan, Cthulu, ect.

  • All character essences MUST be preapproved by one of the administrative staff before you may begin playing them. This will take place during the application process for most. Those who create characters younger than 21 will be required to provide a separate short application for their character's requested essence when they come of age, or when circumstances otherwise allow.

  • If you are taking a canon character please make mention of this somewhere in your application. If you are taking a canon character please be sure to read the information on the canon character list completely and thoroughly.

  • Characters may not be under the age of 16. Just like our age cap for the board, we prefer you be close to legal.

  • There is a 5 character cap for ALL players. This includes staff. Please adhere to this policy as any player going over that limit will be given an official warning and will have that character deleted.


  • There will be no more than three Kings allowed at a time. These will be given on a first come first serve basis to players who showcase strong role playing abilities and who are committed to the plot line of the board as a whole. All other Kings will be NPC'd by the Administrative Staff. (See Canon list for further details)

  • Guardians are chosen by the Kings and therefore they must be semi-decent people. The Kings would not give a psychopath a killer's mind. This being said due to the characters in their minds Guardians are very susceptible to corruption. As such they will be interviewed at random times by the Kings to make sure that they are still functioning properly. (See Canon list for further details)

  • Big Bads may only be played after they are purchased from the rewards store OR they are requested by a player with a role play sample submitted to the Administrative Staff. In either situation the character MUST be pre-approved by the staff to make sure no one takes a complete god-mod character. (See Canon list for further details)


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